Mahendere’s rise to stardom

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Mahendere’s rise to stardom



Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

POPULAR gospel musician Minister Michael Mahendere says his elder brother Amos remains his mentor and source of inspiration.

Minister Mahehendere believes Amos has contributed to his success in the music industry.

He said his brother moulded him into the artiste he is today, and he admires how their partnership has improved since they started music as a group in the 1990s.

“My work relationship with my brother is as strong as it was before and we are not in competition.

“If you listen to Getting Personal With God 3, the first song called Makomborero was featuring my Brother Amos

“My brothers gave me ground to mature and grow stronger as a musician. My Brother Amos was a mentor and a great inspiration to be where I am today.

“He showed us it was possible from the days we started as a group back in the 90s,” said Mahendere.

As a gospel artiste Mahendere has also acknowledged the power of God to his rise.

“It’s by the special grace of God that we are where we are today,” he said.

Mahendere said his first priority in life is his wife and family since they play a pivotal role for him.

“My family is my first everything, my wife Vimbai Mahendere is the backbone of Minister Mahendere and without her support and wise counsel we would not be where we are today.

“They are the reason and purpose why I am living and not forgetting what God has sent to me to do, that is to minister His Word,” he said.

Mahendere has praised Prophet Emanuel Makandiwa and his wife in helping him with the wise counsel and platform to showcase his talent.

“The church is where I am strengthened and nurtured with the word of God through the able leadership of Prophets Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa.

“They have and are still mentoring us to become better and able Ministers.

“Singing at church has given me a platform to sharpen the gift of music and grow on the spiritual side.

“It has allowed me to be a more effective Minister,” he said.

He has revealed why he uses the title Minister.

“Minister is not just a name but a description of who and what we do.

“We use music as a platform to spread the word to bring life to dead situations, hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak.

“It’s a divine mandate,” he told H-Metro.

As one of the gospel musicians who is on the limelight, Mahendere believes every gospel artiste has his season to blossom.

He said there is nothing wrong with the other gospel artistes.

“It’s not so much as getting it wrong but rather I just believe that they are gifted differently and we have different seasons.

“And also we should not neglect the fundamental principles of having a relationship with the God we sing about,” said Mahendere.

Mahendere is optimistic about the future of gospel music.

“The future of gospel music in Zim looks amazing.

“We already noticing our music being listened to in other African countries and abroad so the future is very bright for Zimbabwean gospel music,” he said.

Mahendere said piracy is a major impediment in the music industry.

“Piracy is the biggest challenge as artistes it’s daylight robbery.

“And it demotivates us as musicians,” said Mahendere.

Mahendere also admires the music of a local artiste, Larry Gunda, and he is one his favorite gospel artiste at the moment.

“There is a generation of serious artistes who are being raised by God.

“Worshipper Larry Gunda is doing amazing things.

“At the moment he I the one I can single out as one of my best gospel musician,” he said.

Mahendere said he has won several awards, and he has mentioned only a few of the ones he still recognise.

“We have won many awards I will not mention all of them but pick a few.

“We won the Permican Awards in 2016 for best Album and best male artiste, we won the Ingoma Award just to mention a few

“The album which won us the Awards in 2016 was Getting Personal with God 2,” said Mahendere.

Mahendere has revealed about his love life.

“My love life can be explained in one word Vimbai.

“My wife is the definition of love and everything I want and need in life is embodied in her.

“She is my best friend and my all in one,” he said.

Besides music, Mahendere has revealed that he is an entrepreneur.

“I am a businessman with diverse interests so after we minister we go and we work.”


“Our vision is vast but to summarise it we are looking forward to change lives through music, connect people with their maker and make sure their souls are fed through quality music blended with diverse vocals,” he said.

Minister Mahendere has five albums to his name namely Getting Personal with God 1 to 3 and Classical Worship 1&2.

And Classical Worship volume 2 is the recent album released this year.

Mahendere has also been nominated for Maranatha Global Worship Awards (MGWA) set to be held on May 12 in Kenya, Nairobi, at Nairobi Safari Club Hotel.

He has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Prophetic song and Outstanding Male Minister.






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