MAHWINDO donates to tripplets

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MAHWINDO donates to tripplets


…father yet to see children

H-Metro Reporter

The Eastview triplets who were bailed by well-wishers following their mother’s appeal for assistance turned six weeks on Monday.

The triplets Mukudzei, Munenyasha and Mutsawashe born of Rumbidzai Tsvangirai and Davison Nzuwa’s cry for help was heard and well-wishers are growing by each passing day.

On Monday, the children were showered with some valuables including pampers and formula milk courtesy of Mahwindo Foundation and donors.

Rumbidzai praised the support she has been receiving since the birth of her children.

“We thank Mahwindo Foundation for the support they have been giving me.

“Ndinovatenda chose, Mwari avakomborere.

“Vana vari kukura zvikuru and nhasi vane 6 weeks and we were supposed to go for scale,” she said

However, Rumbidzai said the father of her children is yet to come.

“He has not come since then, since he is not working,” she said.

Tsvangirai, a food vendor had said she was unable to work for the triplets due to national lockdown.

Rumbidzai also said that she and their father, a married man known as Nzuwa, had separated.

However, the intervention of philanthropist and socialite Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa has been a pillar of strength to the mother of four.

Said Mahwindo:

“We are adding more assistance to what we have been doing and this time we gave her some pampers, milk among other valuables.

“Transport was provided by PanJap to ferry the triplets to and fro to the baby clinic.”



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