Mahwindo suspends home visits

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Mahwindo suspends home visits


…socialite wary of Covid-19

…warns bogus applicants

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SOCIALITE and philanthropist Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa has suspended home visits to monitor recipients of the aid sourced through her foundation.

The popular events management guru, who through Mahwindo Foundation has been changing lives of the vulnerable people on Covid-19 lockdown, has decided to carry most of her activities electronically.


In an interview, the mother of one said she was now treading with caution as cases of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to rise.

As of yesterday, 4075 had tested positive while 1057 recovered with 80 deaths recorded so far.

It is the surge in new infections in Harare and its environs which has seen Mahwindo suspending home visits, which had become her regular routine in her quest to change people’s lives on lockdown.

“I’m no longer visiting most of the recipients of the aid sourced through Mahwindo Foundation because of the current situation we are in at the moment,” said Mahwindo whose foundation has been helping the sick, elderly and abandoned children.

Notable beneficiaries of her philanthropic work comprise ailing street theatre actor Charles “Marabha” Mapalume, the sick, elderly, Norton orphans and two sets of triplets who desperately need care among others.

After her philanthropic works was highly publicised, Mahwindo has been receiving calls from people appealing for help from as far as Zvishavane, Bulawayo and Masvingo among parts of the country.

However, she said she was finding it hard to be in touch with all the vulnerable as cases of Covid-19 continue to rise with each passing day.


However, Mahwindo who is among the frontline workers during this era, said she would not abandon her work despite the new stance she has taken.

“I have just taken a new stance which will see me doing most of the work through the phone or electronic transfers.

“I would not take a risk by travelling a lot as I used to do when the cases of Covid-19 were still under control.

“Despite the new stance I have taken, I will continue monitoring the recipients through the phone.

“If I get anything from my bosses (sponsors) I will contact the recipients and make logistics so that they receive their aid.

“In cases where some of the consignments need to be delivered, I will get in touch with people who offer those services so that the aid gets to the people,” she said.


Despite all her efforts, the hardworking Mahwindo has expressed her disappointment over bogus applicants who are trying to get help unscrupulously by disguising as sick or vulnerable people.

“At a time when we are helping the vulnerable people, we still have some of the bogus applicants who are appealing for help from us.

“We however do thorough vetting so that we don’t give aid to the crooks at the expense of deserving people in our midst.

“We have dealt with some of the cases of bogus people appealing for help at the expense of deserving people and it is really worrying, “she said.


Despite all the enemies and friends she has created as a result of her philanthropic work, Mahwindo said she was only using her influence to change people’s lives.

“Like I have said before, Mahwindo Foundation is there the to change people’s lives and I am only using my influence as a mother, socialite and now philanthropist to assist the people.

“We are not in this to compete or to for publicity but it is a calling in me that I am following.

“I have learnt the power of giving from my late mother who used to assist others and it is my responsibility to do so,” she said.

Since the formation of Mahwindo Foundation, the socialite has been grabbing headlines for all but good reasons.

Her foundation was formed to mainly support artistes and athletes so that they take their professions seriously as well as preparing the for life after their careers.

The foundation was also formed to cater for the welfare of artistes and athletes at the time whet ye are at the peak as well as in eventualities like death and misfortune, accidents.

Mahwindo is working closely with a retired athlete who used to ply his trade in Europe for over a decade before he called it quits.


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