Mai Charamba inspires SA based singer

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Mai Charamba inspires SA based singer Mai Charamba


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SOUTH Africa based gospel artiste Locadia Gwengi says she is ready to replicate Mai Charamba’s ‘musical’ template to find a breakthrough.

Lolo – as the songstress is fondly known – salutes Mai Charamba as a source of inspiration who defied odds and braved showbiz stereotypes to conquer.

Locadia Gwengi says she is ready to replicate Mai Charamba’s ‘musical’ template to find a breakthrough

The 33-year-old told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle that it was not an offence to copy the good things from her role model such as professionalism, resilience and clean image.


She opened up ahead of the launch of her spiritually uplifting album Mbiri Yababa.


It was recorded at VOT Studios in the capital, thanks to the most sought after producer Gibson Makumbe.


The album, which is set to be launched on August 21 virtually, carries eight tracks.


These comprise Gorogota, Munotichengeta featuring Mark Ngwazi, Vanonzwa, Chavanoda, Mbiri Yababa, Baba Ndishongedze, Tinorumbidza, Ndiyani Panezamba featuring Izodzo Choral Group.


At the countdown to the launch draws nearer, Lolo said it was all systems go.


“I’m looking forward to the launch of my debut album on Saturday the 21st of June at 8pm.


“It will also be launched on Flash TV in compliance to the Covid-19 protocols and I’m really looking forward to the launch.


“I was inspired by Mai Charamba who remains my role model from day one because she has done a lot for us.


“I love her professional approach to business  and  the way she carries herself as a mother, diva  and artiste,” she said.


The single mother of one who works in South Africa in the food industry said she was also learning from the best.


“In Mai Charamba’s template, one is guaranteed success and new conducts because she really sweated for her fame.


“As women, we need to appreciate each other and the best way we can do so is through copying the right things being done by fellow women,” she said.


Born and bred in Masvingo, the St Johns Apostolic Church member said she has already started working on the visuals of her album.


“We are also in the process of shooting musical videos with a number of videos to complement our audios and are hoping to come up with best videos.


“I’m also utilising my time here in Zimbabwe to ensure that I utilise the time that I have at the moment.


“I’m just grateful to God for giving me this talent,” he said.

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