Mai Judah on London Awards

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Mai Judah on London Awards Mai Judah


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Popular Star FM presenter, Mai Judah, has been nominated in the “Best Radio Presenter” category in the Creativity and Arts Awards set for Amba Hotel Marble Arch on November 30 in London.

The vivacious Breeze presenter says she initially did not take the Creativity and Arts Awards seriously when she received an invitation to enter the awards.

Mai Judah is nominated against three other presenters from other countries.

“I didn’t take it seriously when the email first popped up I thought it was a lost email.

“After I entered, I got another email requesting for my profile of which I just took my half-baked profile and pasted and sent it back.

“It only started to become real to me when I got a congratulatory message saying I had made it for the finals in London.

“I realised this could be something,” she said.

She added:

“As a radio presenter; someone is watching whether you know or not.

“I have to show up every day whether I want or not, I have to show up for the next person and what I believe in.”

The voting deadline to the awards is October 30 and Mai Judah said she is overwhelmed by the support people have shown her since she started talking about these awards.

“I only started talking about these awards two to three days ago during my radio show and the response and support is just overwhelming.

“As someone who wasn’t serious about these awards, just the few days I have spoken about them has made me realise how much our loving people as a nation can support, I’m really grateful.”

She revealed that she would love to bring the gong home but also her just getting nominated was very special to her.

“I would love to bring it (the award) home,   it would mean standing up for the nameless and voiceless.

“In the case I don’t, I still give praise to him for the nomination, ndivo Mwari.”

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