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MAI TT DUMPS BAD GIRL ANTICS Mai TT and hubby Tinashe Maphosa


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

COMEDIENNE and entrepreneur, Mai TT, says she no longer has time for petty fights.

The entertainer, who once seemed to thrive in courting controversy, claims she has reformed after getting married to her US-based sweetheart, Tinashe Maphosa.


“My husband has been supportive, ever since we got married, but he always tells me to avoid unnecessary fights,” she said.


“I have learnt that I have been doing so many things in the wrong way because no one was there to help me on how I can be a professional as a comedienne and businesswoman.”


Mai TT said her relationship with God has since improved after her marriage to Tinashe.


“My hubby is a God-fearing man who also wants me to be closer to God all the time.


“He makes sure that I wake up at 3am every day for prayers and I always join him for morning prayers which has become my lifestyle.


“My hubby is an ordained pastor but he doesn’t want to be that kind of pastor ministering to a big church since he prefers his privacy,” she said.


However, Mai TT said she would not give her husband a managerial role.


“I will never have a situation where my husband is managing me because it has a lot of consequences.


“We are a couple that believes in freedom and independence.


“We also don’t touch each other’s phone because we know the consequences of that,” she said.


Asked what irks her husband the most, Mai TT was quite blunt:


“My husband is someone who wants people to be honest all the time.


“I have also learnt to be honest.


“He really knows it when you are lying and he just gives you a look that tells you that you are lying.”


She also revealed Tinashe was very close to her daughters, which is making their marriage quite enjoyable.


“Titi and my husband are best of friends who are always in touch because they both like dancing.


“My kids have a strong connection with my hubby and it happens naturally,” she said.


After a good 2021, which saw her tying the knot with Tinashe as well as touring a number of states in the US, Mai TT said she was looking forward to a fruitful new year.


“I would like to continue working hard in the year 2022 since I have a new supportive husband.


“I also promise fans more skits and business-wise, new products are coming,” she said.

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