l ZPCS confirm jailed artist’s show performance

l It will be her first public show after being jailed

Arron Nyamayaro

JAILED comedienne and musician Mai TT is expected get a physical interaction with her fans this week when she attends the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) national spokesperson, Superintendent Meya Khanyezi, disclosed this yesterday.

“ZPCS stands are loaded with various activities this week at the Agricultural Show,” said Supt Khanyezi.

“Among the activities are performances by inmates and Mai TT is expected to be among them, ZPCS Chivaraidze traditional dance group that recently received an award at the Chibuku Neshamwari, horse riding and many more.

“One of the attractions will be a polished tree trump crafted by inmates in their efforts to show the importance of waste management.

“They have a number of items they worked on from waste and will be showcasing them and we are urging people to support them by buying their wares.”

Khanyezi added:

“ZPCS is known for farming, come and witness our breed of cows and bulls apart from maize yields.”

Mai TT, who has a massive fan base, was jailed for an effective nine months after she was convicted of theft of trust property.

She used a hired car as surety for a loan.

She is expected to complete her sentence in December.

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