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Laura Maposa

COMEDIENNE and socialite, Felistas “Mai TT” Murata, yesterday took to Instagram to give Shashl a word of advice after her sex tape with Levels leaked last year.

Mai TT told Shashl that what happened should not affect her, but it should be a lesson.

“I also have nudes and sex tapes locked away where nobody knows, so I do not blame you. You trusted a man and he betrayed your trust and love for him, but I tell you zvinopera,” she said.

Mai TT reckons Levels betrayed Shashl who loved him whole-heartedly.

“You even sang a song for the guy called Ghetto showing how much you loved him. I want you to take it as a lesson to never trust these men, but don’t give up on love

“Look at me, I have been beaten kakawanda, but right now I have a new man and I am happy. Turn these lemons into lemonade.”

She also advised her not to repeat the same mistake.

“Any publicity is publicity, but don’t let it destroy who you are because it’s hard to come back from that. The next time you decide to shoot a sex tape, please shave,” she laughed.

Last year, Shashl and Levels set social media on fire with a sex tape believed to have been deliberately leaked by Levels to fix Shashl after she ended their relationship.

Before the sex tape, nude pictures of the music producer had leaked.

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