Zvikomborero Parafini

THE trial of jailed comedienne, Felistas ‘Mai TT’ Murata, that was set to get underway yesterday, failed to start because prison officials didn’t bring her to court.

Mai TT, who is facing fraud charges, was remanded to September 29, for trial commencement.

The State, represented by Dzidzai Josiah, applied for a postponement stating that their witness wasn’t in attendance as she was recovering after recently giving birth.

“Accused person wasn’t brought to court by prisons and we are also seeking a postponement of this matter to September 29, the State will request that she be brought to court on that date for trial commencement.

“The complainant recently gave birth through C-section and she needs time to recover, so she is not in attendance today,” she said.

Mai TT’s lawyer, Admire Masango, consented to the postponement.

Allegations are that Mai TT allegedly misrepresented to Rachel Mhuka that she wanted to borrow US$10 000 and had provided a Mercedes Benz vehicle as surety.

The State said Mhuka gave Mai TT US$10 000 and took the Benz.

Mai TT then went to collect the Benz saying it wasn’t hers and left an Audi Qs as surety.

She later collected the Audi and left her invalid passport as surety.

After noticing that the passport was invalid, Mhuka confronted Mai TT who then returned the Audi.

In January, Mhuka was approached by cops from Rhodesville Police Station who told her that the car belonged to Else Event Car Hire.

The State said Mai TT had intended to deprive Mhuka of her money, which still hasn’t been recovered.

Murata is currently in prison after she was convicted of theft of trust of trust property in June and was sentenced to six months in prison.

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