MAI TT IN GRAND ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE FROM COURT. . . Two khakhi-clad bodyguards provide company

Zvikomborero Parafini

COMEDIENNE Mai TT has seemingly perfected the art of grabbing all the attention even if it’s for a brief appearance at the Harare Magistrates Court.

She has a way of grabbing all the attention and yesterday that was the case when she arrived, and left, the Harare Magistrates Court in style.

She arrived in the company of two bodyguards, who were dressed in similar outfits, with one of the bodyguards opening the door of the car for her to disembark.

Mai TT was then sandwiched by her bodyguards and walked as if she was a supermodel on the ramp as she made her way into court, knowing she was the focus of all the attention.

She also looks quite happy, probably from the peace of mind she is having after announcing recently that she was happily in love with her man, identified as Shumba.

Mai TT was attending a case where she is accusing Facebook influencer Patricia Jack of cyberbullying. But, the case was pushed into the shadows as Mai TT grabbed all the attention with he grand arrival and grand departure.

The body guards, a male and female, were in khaki suits, what looked like bullet proof vests and both had knuckle dusters.

It was like a Hollywood film star arriving in court and the bodyguards made sure Mai TT was whisked into court without anyone being allowed to talk to her.

In court, the case didn’t proceed because the State ordered the police to secure a warrant for search and seizure to allow them access to Jack’s phone and gather the required evidence before she is formally placed on remand.

That instruction was complied with and Jack is expected back at court within the next seven days.

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