Mai TT introduced to Maphosa family

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Mai TT introduced to Maphosa family MAI TT (centre) and her relatives at the Maphosas


Arron Nyamayaro

COMEDIENNE and musician Felistas ‘Mai TT’ Murata was yesterday taken to Tinashe Maphosa’s family, according to the Shona custom, in Glen View 7.

Mai TT’s team covered themselves with a cloth as the Maphosa family received the newly-wedded bride.


The incident drew the attention of Maphosa’s neighbours as they jostled for selfies with the celebrity.


Tinashe told H-Metro he was shocked to find out that Mai TT, who is from Budiriro, lived a few kilometres from his neighbourhood.


Ndakatora mudzimai kubva kuBudiriro achiuya kuGlen View,” said Tinashe at his family house in Glen View 7.


“I have been in the United States for 25 years and there are ladies I could have married but God had plans for me to marry in my home country, from as close as Budiriro.


“Today, we have fulfilled everything according to custom, following our successful wedding.


“I can now safely live with her peacefully.


“My relatives are here with me and they received my wife with a loving heart and I am glad.”


Tinashe’s relatives, including his sisters, niece, grandmother and aunties attended the event.


They sang and danced while showering the bride with money.

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