Mai TT still rules from her jail cell

Faith Mandizha

MAI TT is a convicted THIEF but it appears life behind bars has not taken away whatever binds her with her huge fan base in this country.

In fact, it appears, she is now even more popular than when she collided head-on with the power of justice and in June and ended up being sent to jail for an effective nine months.

She was found guilty of defaulting community service, eight years ago, and for theft of trust property.

Mai TT has been in prison for over two months now but her first public appearance, at the country’s premier agricultural show at the weekend, showed she has lost none of her appeal.

Her fans have been showering her with love and praise for her performance at the show. 

Her supporters turned up in full force and demonstrated their unwavering support for their beloved comedian despite the personal challenges she is facing.

Social media platforms have been in meltdown with messages of support, appreciation and encouragement towards the comedy and social media star.

However, others say they hope she will be reformed by the time she comes out of jail.

Here are some of the comments from social media:

“I never liked Mai TT but I am loving the person she has become,” Blast from the Past.


Hopefully coming back strong don’t include stealing from people and threatening other socialites and being loud for no reason. Tendie Mus.


Prisons is doing GREAT REHABILITATION PROGRAMMES in both male and female sections. Melba Chekai.


Uku vanodzoka vakuziva how to interact nesociety kwete kuita ruzha every corner. Rufaro Dzumbunu.


 Fake life inopa stress manje mujeri vari stress-free havasi kufunga wekubira. Lindiwe Nyoni.


Hopefully anodzoka ave nenoise shoma. Wexx Wellex.


Hope anodzoka achinja asiyana nefake life nekubira vanhu mari, I try and work for her family. Mavelous Friday.


Dai akadzoka Asina ruzha. Ayana Ayana.


Gaining weight urimukati ato ma drama. – Daniel Alfonso.

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