l At least four kids sustain slight injuries 

l The students wanted to get autographs

Arron Nyamayaro

AT least four pupils suffered slight injuries in a stampede at David Livingstone Primary School as they jostled to get some autographs from visiting jailed comedienne Mai TT.

Teachers and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) officers rescued four kids who were trampled upon by others.

Mai TT was performing at an anti-drug and substance awareness campaign.

The kids were left with some bruises and were covered in dust.

They were pushing towards Mai TT to try and get some autographs.

The jailed comedienne remains a box office attraction despite her spectacular fall from grace which landed her in prison and severely dented her profile.

It has been a busy few weeks for her with some public performances, including one at Harare’s biggest agricultural show.

The ZPCS brought five convicted drug and substance abuse inmates to educate pupils on the crimes that left them languishing in prison.

Among the convicts were Mitchel Chishuro, Monica Takarwa and Patience Murinda.

Mai TT was among the prison choral groups that were providing entertainment.

“I regret engaging in drugs and substance abuse,” said Patience.

“My child is in Grade 2 and is no longer enjoying motherly love because of my predicament.

“I was convicted of abusing drugs and this has separated me from my family and I am now counted among prison inmates.

“We are here to advise you pupils that crime does not pay.

“Say no to drugs, report anyone involved in drugs,” she said.

Mai TT was in prison garb with her prison-made satchel.

She was left in tears upon witnessing the true love expressed by the kids towards her.

This could have been triggered by thoughts about her own children who are now living without a mother to give similar love.

Mai TT was sentenced to nine months for theft of trust property.

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