Major E, Decibel in comeback

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Major E, Decibel in comeback Major E and Decibel


Desmond Munemo, Entertainment Reporter

UK based chanters Major E and Decibel have teamed up to produce a single titled Kutenda after a long spell on the sidelines.

Better known by his moniker Lyrical Editor back in the 90s and turn of the new millennium, Major E opened up to H-Metro from his base in the UK.

“In this latest release simply titled Kutenda, Decibel links up with his long time friend the ‘Lyrical Editor’ to pen a song that is partly a reflection of our long and illustrious musical journeys but mostly a celebration and expression of appreciation of our fortunes.

“The song is indeed a breath of fresh air at a time when rhythmic, spectral diversity and lyrical content had become somewhat stagnated and rancid.

“In this song, the veterans may well have reset the syllabus,” he said.

In 2015 Major E, Booker T and Decibel merged and called the collaboration FirstKlass Family but this time Booker T was not wrapped up in the Kutenda song.

Major E took time to comment on the Zimdancehall industry and his prospects in the musical career.

“The industry is more recognised and it’s good to see artists prospering and earning a living though the production quality is improving riddim wise but lyrics could be better.

“We as FirstKlass are already working on other projects for release in the near future and we are doing music part time since we have other fish to fry but we always try to make time for music,” he said.

The single that will be accompanied by a video will be released on November 1.

It was directed by UK-based Afro pop and RnB artiste Farhaan known professionally as Kazz aka Mr Boomslang or simply Kazz and is already showing on YouTube

“We were dressed to the nines by the fastest rising Zimbabwean clothing brand and we are excited by this project,” added Major E.

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