Majuicy ‘engineering’ Slomo return

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Majuicy ‘engineering’ Slomo return


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

DANCING sensation Francis “Slomo” Dhaka could be retracing his roots back to the Orchestra Mberikwazvo camp if developments on ground are anything to go by.

The nimble-footed dancer, who carved his own niche under Alick Macheso’s great tutelage, has been spending most of his time with former workmate Selemane “Majuicy” Mpochi.

Majuicy is one of Macheso’s most trusted lieutenants and it is believed something is brewing with Majuicy said to be ‘engineering’ Franco’s return.

Franco recently went public after being deserted by his wife and many sympathisers having been urging him to rejoin Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo camp to recharge his waning fortunes.

Currently, he is leading Extra Kwazvose which splintered from Macheso, leaving a big void at Orchestra Mberikwazvo where he was replaced by Majuicy.

And now that the two dancers – Majuicy and Slomo are always spotted together in public – it is believed something is genuinely brewing.

Over the weekend, H-Metro spotted the duo together in Kambuzuma where Majuicy resides.

However, Slomo was evasive on a possible return to Orchestra Mberikwazvo but moles say he is desperate to come back home.

“We are just good friends and former workmates with Majuicy and for a couple of days I was here to see my sister but I hang around with Majuicy because he also stays here.

“If there is anything fans can speculate or anticipate, it will be known with the passage of time,” he said.

Majuicy said he was moving around with Slomo to prove a point to the people that there is no bad blood between the two.

“People have been saying a lot of stories but we are in good books I and Slomo.

“Slomo will always be part of the (Orchestra Mberikwazvo) family and if he wants to rejoin us he know the protocols and what to do to be with the family.

“We all know what he has been doing as a solo artiste but that does not change that he is part of us,” he said.

Macheso’s publicist Tich Makahamadze said there was nothing official on the table but Slomo was free to rejoin the camp if he wishes.

Makahamadze said Macheso was a father-figure whose vast experience in the game has seen him uplifting fellow artistes, his former employees included.

“We have an open door policy at Orchestra Mberikwazvo and Slomo knows what to do if he wishes to rejoin the band.

“This talk has been going on for a while and we don’t have a problem on whoever wants to rejoin us if he was part of the family.

“However, we won’t go  and beg someone to rejoin us because there are so many applicants there that want jobs.

“As a family man, Macheso has a lot of respect for former workmates  and boss  and that’s why he gives them first priority.

“What he wants not is for things to be done through protocols  and not hearsay,” he said.

A close source said Slomo was willing to rejoin Baba Sharo but his was shy.

Many a fan says Slomo must decide what he wants rather than keeping fans speculating over his future.

The Covid-19 lockdown induced lockdown, which has seen most players in the creative sector losing their sources of incomes.

However, the majority of them are still hopeful that the good old days will be back for them to shine.


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