Maria Chiguvari

SOUTH African energy goddess, Makhadzi, is crying foul after she felt she was sabotaged at the Africa Music Festival UK by the promoters at the weekend.

She blames Y2K Entertainment Promotions for poor stage and time management at the mega event which was dubbed “Africa Music Festival 2023 – The Legends Tour’’.

In the video Makhadzi blames Winky D for performing 1hr 20mins while Jah Prayzah and her were only left with 40 minutes to squeeze their performances together because the venue was going to close by a prescribed time.

According to the songstress, she was supposed to perform for 35mins while Jah Prayzah was supposed to perform for 1hr 30mins.

However, she claims things changed when she arrived at the venue at around 6pm and was advised that she would perform at 8pm.

Makhadzi  accused the promoter of exploiting her and Jah Prayzah’s names to sell tickets for the event, yet deliberately depriving them of the time they deserved on stage.

Makhadzi revealed that she was paid a substantial sum of half a million Rand for her appearance at the festival.

She claimed the show was part of a larger plot to tarnish her brand and reputation.

The songstress apologised to her fans saying the situation was beyond her control and that she was deeply sorry for not being able to deliver the performance they had eagerly anticipated.

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