Makonde launches Gender Policy

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Makonde launches Gender Policy


Paul Pindani in Makonde
Government is committed to ensuring that there is gender equality in all spheres of life , a top Government official has said.
Deputy Minister of Women Affairs Jennifer Mhlanga speaking during Makonde Rural Council’s Gender policy launch that was held in Makonde yesterday said the central government was closing the inequality gap between men and women.

She said women of Zimbabwe constitute about 52 percent of the population.

“What you have actually done is you have spoken about the monetary resource benefit of this launch. But I want us to look at the intangible benefit that of creating a harmonious Makonde society,” said Mhlanga.

She added, “We are getting into the season of awareness of GBV. We are getting into the season of conscientising our men and women folk in terms of GBV. The launch will assist to bring gender based violence down.”

Makonde chairman Simbarashe Ziyambi said Makonde embraces provisions of Section 17 of the Constitution which calls for gender balance in participating in decision making at local level.

Ziyambi said they also recognised the provision of the National Gender Policy of 2014, that despises discrimination on the basis of gender.

He said as council, they resolved that no meaningful development can be achieved in Makonde if women were not participating meaningfully in decision making at all spheres of its local governance system.

“I can assure you that as MRDC, we are committed to ensuring that women and girls participate fully in economic and social programmes of Council without any fear or discrimination,” said Ziyambi.

Makonde Gender Policy Chairperson Councillor Martha Mapfumo told H-Metro that the policy goals were to eliminate all gender related imbalances on economic, social and political policies, cultural and religious practices that impede equality and equity of the sexes.

“We want to ensure equal access and empowerment of women and men in the district in all spheres of life and to eliminate Gender Based Violence (GBV) and foster peace and harmony in Makonde,” said Mapfumo.

The gender policy’s vision is set to create a gender just society in which men and women, boys and girls enjoy equity, contribute and benefits as equal partners in the development of the District.

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