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A MALE coach, who was attached to the ZRP Harare Queens, has been kicked out by the team for allegedly sexually abusing the female players.

ZRP Harare Queens have played three league games so far and lost to Black Rhinos Queens (0-7), Herentals Queens (0-9) and Maningi Queens (0-10).

Blessing Chari had been working with the team, as the goalkeepers’ coach, for three months, when he was shown the red card by ZRP Harare Queens.

The club officials claim he loved watching the female players when they were in their dressing rooms.

He is also accused of signing the licences of the eight players, he brought into the team, claiming that he was their guardian.

When Chari was confronted over his conduct, he responded by withdrawing the eight players from the team in protest.

He is said to have taken them to a social tournament in Centenary.

Sources told H-Metro the parents of the players were told they have been attending a funeral since Wednesday and burial was set for Saturday when the ladies were with Chari in Centenary.

ZRP Harare Queens coach, Farai ‘Fago’ Guveya, took his remaining players for counselling, to deal with the abuse they suffered when Chari was attached to them.

The counselling was done by a police Community Relations and Liaison Officer.

“Chari anevasikana vaakauya navo, takawona zvakanaka kuti tivabatanidze nevamwe sezvo vanoratidza shungu dzebhora.

“His closeness to the players was so questionable that I suspected they were being abused.

“I tried to warn the players about being obsessed with Chari but they laughed at me describing him as their trusted man.

“He turned against me after warning the players and it cost us big time.

“I forced him to pack his bags and go,” said Fago.

He added:

“Eight players attached to him decided to absent themselves from training.

“We lost two league matches played when they were with us because of Chari’s shenanigans.

“Such behaviour is uncalled for, unprofessional, these players were registered and Chari decided to fool them and assemble his own team.

“To us, Chari had come to assemble his team under our name, training his team at our grounds.

“When I called Chari and the players, they both lied to us that they were attending a funeral in Banket.

“One of them later disclosed that they were camped in Centenary for a soccer tournament.”

He said Chari claimed to be an agent who had a big pool of players.

Contacted for comment, Chari said:

“I am not in position to give my comment now. I will come back to you when I’m settled.”

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