Mambo Dhuterere: I will not change my style

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Mambo Dhuterere: I will not change my style Mambo Dhuterere and wife


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Traditional gospel artiste Mambo Dhuterere says he will not change his type of music that brought him to limelight.

This follows after some of his fans expressed displeasure on the recent song he released recently titled Tenderai Mwari featuring Mathias Mhere.

Some of Mambo Dhuterere’s fans were not pleased with the way he changed his voice and the style he used in delivering his lines.

Mambo Dhuterere and Seh Calaz

However, there were also notable comments by the audiences on social media that liked his new song and called him a genius.

Despite, some of the negative feedback from his fans, Mambo Dhuterere said the response is fine with him since it is a project for the covid-19 pandemic.

“This song is not like my usual projects or anything that can fall into a category of a new song or project.

“I am okay with the response from the people because I did it in a way to differentiate it from my usual projects.

Mambo Dhuterere and Oskid

“This is just a coronavirus awareness project which is more like a jingle, so to categorise it as one of my main projects it would be a mistake,” said Mambo Dhuterere.

“As gospel artistes we just decided to make a song for covid-19 awareness in another way different from others.

“We cannot keep on singing the same stuff like wash your hands like what other secular musicians are doing.

“As gospel artistes the message is after you wash your hands you have to pray.

“And I cannot put my trademark of Dhuterere music on coronavirus awareness jingle. If I had done that it would have been confusing.

“So what I did on that song was very well calculated like changing the voice and not using any Dhuterere trademark so that it really sounds as a jingle only serving the purpose of awareness on coronavirus,” he added.

The award winning gospel artiste insisted that he will not abandon “dhuterere” music.

“Let me assure you that I will not change my music.

“The type of music I sing is called dhuterere, Dhuterere is not my name but the type of singing or a genere just the same as sungura or Zim dancehall.

“So I was given this name of the type of music by people when they realised that I am good at it.

“As long I am called Mambo Dhuterere it means dhuterere music is my trademark and it defines my work.

“There is no way where you will maintain the tag of being called the king of reggae after changing to sungura and still remain with that title.

“It will be confusing, so this recent work I have done was not a project that can be counted on my main projects.

“As some might want to classify that as a song, to me it is not a song.

“You will hear the real Mambo Dhuterere on the new album that I will release some time this year,” he told H-Metro.

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