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MAMBO DHUTERERE, MBEU’S PRAYER Mbeu and Mambo Dhuterere are set to release a video titled Ndoringa Imi today


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Musician Mbeu and Mambo Dhuterere are set to release a video titled Ndoringa Imi today and the former  has revealed that the song is a supplication for guidance and protection from God.

Mbeu said in world which is imperfect people need the spiritual protection from the Lord, hence the collaboration with Mambo Dhuterere serves this purpose.


“This song is a prayer which seeks the blessings and protection from God.


“In this world there are enemies and people who want to  see you down.


“This song Ndoringa Imi is just a prayer whereby someone asks God to keep him safe at his work place, during travelling or protection of the family from evil spirits,” said Mbeu.


“It’s a spiritual song. We know in this world there are spirits that can cause people to suffer.


“This song will provide the message and strength with its prayer to ask this help from God to overcome such spirits,” added Mbeu.


Mavanga singer said he collaborated with Mambo Dhuterere since there is compatibility between them.


“I collaborated with Mambo Dhuterere because he sings  traditional music though its gospel, and I sing Afro fusion music.


“In Afro fusion music there is a traditional vibe because it has roots of our African music.


“So you will then realise that we have a lot in common,” he said.


Mbeu believes the music fans will love their visuals of Ndoringa Imi set to be released 11am today.


“This song will drop with visuals 11am tomorrow (today). The message we tried to portray through visuals you will also see it.


“I think it is a good song and the fans are going to love it.  Me and Mambo we are so excited about it.


“The video was shot by Naxo and expect something of high quality from this project.


“And I hope this collaboration will unite Mambo’s fans and mine and see the best of us,” he told H-Metro.

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