Mambo Dhuterere reflects on UK experience

22 Apr, 2022 - 00:04 0 Views
Mambo Dhuterere  reflects on UK experience Mambo Dhuterere


Latwell Nyangu

AWARD-WINNING traditional gospel musician, Mambo Dhuterere, says his maiden UK tour taught him never to focus on negativity.

The singer, who returned home yesterday, was part of the UK SAMA Festival.

He said the experience was worth the effort.

“The tour was blessed as you can see, we have been welcomed by congregants.

“Prayers made this possible and the support was amazing, people came in numbers. You could tell the people were happy.

“If God permits, we will go back again to the UK.

“God was with us and I am happy I met some people who followed us vachiti they repented at the show.

“I thank God for that and it’s a mission to bring people to God as an ambassador.”

The St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World Brand Ambassador, said negativity doesn’t harm him.

“The internet has always been fed with negativity, if you have a name, the name becomes news.

‘In the industry, they believe, ukaona usisataurwe wapera and we don’t have any problem with them, the name draws attention.

“People take sides and we cannot create negative things, but the nature of the industry creates its own.

“The industry in the UK is different from ours as they plan their programmes accordingly,” he said.

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