Mambo Dhuterere takes music scene by storm

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Mambo Dhuterere takes music scene by storm Mambo Dhuterere


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Gospel musician Mambo Dhuterere-real name Darlington Mutseta- has taken the local music scene by storm with his refreshing music.

Songs off his third and current album titled “Dare guru” have gone viral and have become regular playlists on the airwaves and streets.

Songs like the title track Dare guru, Mweya ndisesekedze, Hey hey hey featuring Mathias Mhere are some of the popular tracks off his six track album that has become a hit.

The album produced by Gibson Makumbe of VLT Records and DJ Tamuka of MTM was release in August.

The 27-year-old Mambo Dhuterere who has been based in Botswana since the age 17 but is currently in the country says the growing success of the album has given him second thoughts  about relocation back to Zimbabwe and pursuing music full time.

“I am based in Botswana that’s where my family is. I am in the cleaning detergents and hair products business and over the years, music has been a part time thing for me.

“I was never really serious about it because I was not earning a living from it and also because I had no finances to support my recordings.

“I feel this album is becoming a success because I had people behind me.

“My Bishop Sydney Mabhiza told me to go write and then I had well-wishers who put in the finances for all recordings including videos so everything went well.

“The marketing has been different as well from my previous albums, I used to let other people handle it but now I’m more hands on with the marketing and distribution of my music, so all these changes have resulted in producing a great project,” said Mambo Dhuterere.

He added:

“Music is my calling, I do it with ease and no hesitation it’s unlike my job where I was taught to do it.

“So I am more in a happier and in a free space when I do music, that’s why I am now planning on doing it full time and relocating back to Zim.

“It also needs my attention and my full concentration if I am to pursue it professionally and that’s why I have to let go of my job.

“I have spoken to my family in Botswana about it and they are excited about the development.

“It’s not easy staying in a foreign country and no matter what home will be home regardless the conditions.”

Mambo Dhuterere, a pastor with St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World, said his mission is to win souls for God.

“I get criticized by some because of my dressing, wearing flat caps and all but my mission is to win souls in the world so I have to act like them for them to feel we are the same.

“There is no need to act holy but to have people to listen to my music and know God.”

He added that all along he has been performing in church and now that will be a thing of the past as he will be holding shows even in clubs because that were he Is meant to win souls.

He is billed to perform at the dubbed Shutdown Joburg gig alongside Jah Prayzah and Tocky Vibes to held at the Platinum Lounge on December 7.




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