Mambokadzi founder humbled by JP’s acknowledgement

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MAMBOKADZI Dance Group founder, Enisia Mashusha, has expressed her gratitude for Jah Prayzah’s acknowledgement that he was once a curtain raiser for the all-female group.

In a recent interview, Jah Prayzah said the group gave him exposure and provided him with the means to buy his costumes.

Mashusha was moved by Jah Prayzah’s acknowledgment and wished more artists would follow his example.

She praised Jah Prayzah for his punctuality and dedication to his job and said she appreciated his humility and hard work.

Mashusha added that it was now difficult to get hold of Jah Prayzah directly due to his success, but she still admired him for his achievements.

Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah told DJ Ollah 7 in an interview that he used $40 from opening for Mambokadzi Dance Group to buy his outfits.

“I would back them on Thursdays and I was very happy since I used the money to beef up my wardrobe,” he said.

Mashusha, who has since relocated to the UK, said she was humbled by Jah Prayzah’s humility.

“To be honest, I was really touched when I saw that clip where Jah Prayzah acknowledged us for giving him exposure.

“Many artists hardly do that, especially when they rise to the top. I wish all the artists could be like Jah Prayzah and acknowledge where they came from.

“Jah Prayzah has always been like that over the years and has never changed. I first met him in Budiriro where he used to play his mbiras and he was always punctual for the shows. I wish all the artists could be like him,” Mashusha said.

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