Man abuses wife

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10 October 2018

A Parktown man admitted to have been physically violent to his wife.

Thomas Chizhanje, who confirmed beating up his wife Chiedza Chizhanje each time they had a dispute, apologised for his conduct.

“Your Worship, I regret to say that I am physically abusive to my dear wife for a long time.

“Every time I assault her it is because I would have reacted to my emotions when we have a misunderstanding.

“She has since moved out of our matrimonial home after the incident that happened where I almost injured her.

“I am not opposing her application and we are in the process of amending the situation so that we can be back together,” he added.

In response, Chiedza confirmed to the fact that they are making amends to get back together despite the tension that was between them.

“It is true that I had moved out of our matrimonial home and sought residence at my parents ’house.

“However, I have intentions of coming back home. He has engaged with my family about the issues that were causing problems in our marriage and resolved them.

“He has been in compliance with the interim order that was given by the court and has repented from his ways,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the application in Chiedza favour.

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