Man accused of kidnapping neighbour’s daughter

03 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Man accused of kidnapping neighbour’s daughter


Audrey Kativhu

A MABVUKU man has been accused of kidnapping his neighbour’s daughter following a land dispute.

Tarisai Mukwambo approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a peace order against her neighbour, Raphael Sinarwa, accusing him of physical and emotional abuse.

“My daughter left home and was kidnapped by Raphael’s gang when they spotted her wearing my clothes.

“They tied my daughter with a cloth and took her away, to scare her, because they thought it was me since she was wearing my clothes,” she said.

At the height of their dispute, Tarisai said Raphael brought thugs to the residential stand to try and scare her.

The gang threw stones which damaged her roof.

She said Raphael also issued death threats to her.

Tarisai submitted medical documents, and scans from doctors, as proof of injuries sustained.

She stated that Raphael connived with members of their cooperative to erect a structure on her residential stand.

In his defence, Raphael denied the allegations and branded Tarisai a liar.

Magistrate Rutendo Machingura dismissed the peace order application for lack of merit.

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