Man arrested for killing neighbour

09 Feb, 2023 - 00:02 0 Views
Man arrested for killing neighbour Admire Muchengi


Latwell Nyangu

A 23-year-old has been arrested for allegedly killing his 69-year-old neighbour with a log.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning at Plot 21, Midland Village, Sandringham, when Admire Muchengi allegedly killed Herbert Javangwe for unknown reasons.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Ian Kohwera, confirmed the incident.

“The accused person hit the deceased with a log until he died.

“Other residents tried to stop him to no avail. We urge members of the public to find amicable ways of dealing with disputes.

“People are killing each other over petty issues. There is a need to value lives and not just to kill each other,” he said.

Sources said Admire seemed to have lost his senses when he committed the offence.

“Admire used to stay in Bulawayo, but when he got sick, his parents had no money for hospital bills. They were helped by the deceased to take him to Harare for medical attention.

“He was tied when brought here because was so violent. 

‘‘When got here, he was threatening to kill   everyone in the neighbourhood,” said the source.

“Many people were injured while trying to restrain Admire from attacking the old man. 

‘‘Three were actually taken to hospital.”

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