Arron Nyamayaro

THERE was drama at Zororo Cemetery last Thursday when mourners assaulted a man they reportedly caught throwing charms into a grave.

The man, only identified as Dread, was found with a wrapped red cloth containing an egg, some roots, rapoko and a paper with the names of the deceased and her husband.

Dread was rescued and taken to Glen View where he revealed that a relative had assigned him to throw the cloth into the grave.

The deceased was identified as Charity Chengetai Shero (32), who had died on Monday last week, after a short illness.

She is survived by her husband and one child.

Dread arohwa zvakaipa pamakuva pakaita mheremhere.

“They led him into a car and took him to Glen View where he disclosed that he had been assigned by one of the relatives of the deceased.”

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