Man assaults girlfriend

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Man assaults girlfriend DALLINA’s injured legs


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

A HARARE man has appeared in court charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

Thomas Nyagura, 32, was not asked to plead when he appeared before a Harare magistrate who deferred bail proceedings.

DALLINA Makupe (right) struggles to walk

Nyagura claimed his girlfriend Dallina Makupe was having an affair with another man forcing him to attack her with flex cables.


It is the State case that on January 14, at around 2am, Nyagura went to Makupe’s workplace where he demanded to meet her outside.

THOMAS Nyagura(right)

As soon as Makupe came out, Nyagura started accusing her of seeing another man behind his back. Nyagura went on to assault his girlfriend several times on her back, hands and legs using the electric flex cable.


Makupe sustained two cuts on her legs, developed a swollen back and hands as a result of the assault. According to a police report, Nyagura acted unlawfully and had an intent to cause bodily harm on his girlfriend. The matter is back in court.

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