Man bashes friend’s father-in-law (81)

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Man bashes friend’s father-in-law (81) Doesmatter Mango


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A HARARE man assaulted his friend’s father-in-law who had visited his ailing daughter.

Baba Osie who is married to Tanaka Mango, 24, teamed up with his friend to assault Doesmatter Mango, 81, who was about to conduct prayers for his daughter who was sick.

Tanaka Mango

The father of six daughters and two sons sustained a swollen right eye and took to his heels and left one of his pair of shoes.


“I visited her and gave her some prayers.


“She is my last born and upon arriving at her house around 11pm her husband opened the gate for me and he was drinking beer in the company of his two friends.


“Murume wake akatanga kunetsana neshamwari dzake vachirwa vachipinda mumba saka pandakanovabata kuti vasarwe shamwari yemukuwasha akabva andirova ndikazvimba ziso.


“Ndakatiza ndikadonhedza bhutsu yangu ndikatsika suages ndakananga kumba but I want my son-in-law to pay a fine on behalf of his friend who attacked me,” said Mango.


Tanaka confirmed the incident saying her father had come to see her where he was beaten.


“The truth is that my husband and his friends were drunk so my father tried to hold my husband who was fighting the friends leading him to be attacked,” said Tanaka.


Tanaka told H-Metro that Baba Osie lost his mobile phone on the day in question and was not reachable.

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