Gamuchirai Bhachi

A COLD Comfort woman’s bid to build a house has strained her relationships with her husband leading her to get a protection order against him.

Sekesai Mupazviriho hauled her husband, Panonetsa Chakandidana, to the Harare Civil Court citing verbal and physical abuse.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted her the protection order.

She said Panonetsa threatens to kill himself if she goes ahead and builds the house.

“After he returned from work and found the bricks, sand and some pegs at our home, he insulted me saying that I am not a good wife and I should go back to my maternal home because pamba hapavakwi.

“One day he locked the bedroom door and I slept in the spare room until his brothers came and resolved the matter.”

In response, Panonetsa said:

“I never assaulted or insulted her but she hired builders to build the house without my consent.

“I returned to the house and found the pegs and I told her to pack her belongings and go to her parents’ house.

“She is the one who is violent.

“I told her not to develop the house because we are having a shortfall of the money and our child needs money for stationery and fees.”

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