Man claims he sleeps in toilet

Faith Mandizha

A HARARE man told the Civil Court that he had been forced to sleep in the toilet after being hauled to court by his aunt who he claimed abused him.

Shiona Zonde was granted a protection order against her nephew, Tatenda Munemo (26), after proving that he verbally abuses her and deals in drugs.

Shiona said she was desperate to evict Tatenda from her homestead because of his violent nature and exposing minors to drugs.

Shiona Zonde

“He is a certified drug lord your Worship. He was once jailed, but he came back worse than ever and is now a supplier of drugs in our neighbourhood.

“He has turned our home into a drug den, stealing my property, burning my clothes on the washing line and badly influencing my minor kids,” she said. Tatenda denied the accusations saying he was the one who was being abused, and accused Shiona of taking out her anger against his deceased father on him.

“I only got jailed for two months because I stole her open view decoder. The issue is she accuses my deceased father of witchcraft and takes out her anger on me.

“It’s a family house, but she makes me sleep in the toilet or fowl run. I used to take drugs, but I’m now a hairdresser making clean money, and that’s why she’s lying about the drug base,” he said.

However, magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the protection and eviction order.

“Even prison couldn’t rehabilitate you. Why do you want to be a burden? You’re old enough to fend for yourself,” she said.

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