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A MAN insists his illicit relationship with a married woman should not be ended simply because her South Africa-based husband is now back home in Zimbabwe.

Victor Chirima was dragged to the Harare Civil Court by Lucia Hungwe (24).

“She is my girlfriend although we are currently on a break because her husband returned from South Africa after two years,” said Victor.

“I’m not opposed to the application, but she is the one who provokes me by refusing to talk to me. She can’t end our relationship just like that.”

Lucia claims Victor is abusive and she wants to be granted protection.

She said he has been threatening her with death and threatening to expose their relationship to her husband.

“Whenever he sees me walking with my husband, he causes a scene and insults me, calling me a prostitute.

“He harasses and threatens me, saying we should reconcile or he will tell my husband about our affair and burn down my home.

“I no longer live in peace,” she said. 

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Lucia the protection order.

“Why are you forcing things? You don’t take matters into your own hands,” magistrate Mashavira said.

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