Lovemore Chazingwa

A MAN was found hanging in a toilet at his home in Kadoma on Sunday.

Daniel Magumbu (44) hanged himself at House Number 36, Makore Street, Rimuka, by hanging himself with a string of blanket threads.

Scores of Rimuka residents thronged the place to witness the tragic incident.

“He could have died of stress.

“His late wife was taking HIV medication behind his back.

“He only realised it in recent years. After that realisation, he went for HIV tests and was found to be positive.

“From then on, he was behaving strangely, keeping to himself,” said an aunt, at the scene.

A close friend, who saw him earlier in the day, said he had once convinced Daniel from taking rat poison.

“He told me that I would find him in the toilet, there was no need to look for him in the house.

“I didn’t put that in mind that he was referring to his death,” said the friend.

It appears Daniel was harbouring suicide thoughts for some time and, on Sunday, he finally cracked and committed suicide.

The police took his body to a mortuary.

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