Man defies order at supermarket

31 Mar, 2020 - 15:03 0 Views
Man defies order at supermarket John Paterson (C) refusing to have his hands sanitized


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A Lake Chivero man yesterday caused a stir at a local supermarket entrance when he denied to be tested his temperature and get sanitised before entering the shop in the capital.

John Paterson denied the health monitoring lady a chance to test his temperature and another man who wanted him get sanitised.

A security guard manning the shop entrance was called and Paterson later agreed to be sanitised but continued to deny being tested his temperature.

The drama that took place at Pick n Pay along Jason Moyo Avenue distracted other shoppers who were complying.

“He was refusing to follow health monitoring procedures before entering the shop and he refused to tell us the reason behind it,” said one of the monitoring team by the shop entrance.

“We allowed him in after he agreed to sanitise and as for testing his temperature he refused,” added the health monitor.

H-Metro followed Paterson in the shop and he quickly left without picking any item leaving shoppers with more questions than answers on his motive.

Paterson confirmed he refused to comply arguing that the security guard had assaulted him before he was asked to underwent the health monitoring process.

“It is true that I refused to comply because the security guard held me by my waist and this annoyed me,” said Paterson.

“He was luck that I held my temper I could have brought him down in anger because what he did was an assault.

“I am here to pay electricity bills so the person supposed to send money is still to communicate with me that is why I entered the shop and left without buying anything.

“All banks are closed and I do not know how I can receive my money and my wife is sick and is on a life supporting machine,” said Paterson.

All shoppers were asked to sanitise and their temperature were tested before they enter the shop.

Most shops were closed including banks in the capital and police officers along with municipal police officers were closely monitoring people’s movements.



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