MAN DEMANDS DNA TEST…after ex ‘dumps’ child at his house

Latwell Nyangu

A HARARE man, who last year grabbed headlines after he posted his baby mama on social media having found out he was being made to look after another man’s child, is now demanding a DNA test.

Kumbirai Mlambo says his ex-lover, Phyllis Samata, last week brought the child to his house and disappeared.

Last year, Kumbirai posted pictures and screenshots of their chats on Facebook.

He said he was exposing Phyllis because he was hurt when he found out that he was taking care of another man’s child.

In the chats, she was telling him that the child was not his.

However, Phyllis has now dumped the same child at Kumbirai’s house.

He is now demanding a DNA test to be conducted by Tinashe Mugabe.

“She brought the child at my workplace, and she was seen by many people who were present on the day.

“I need DNA so that it comes clear, there is nothing wrong with having the DNA so that ndizive kuti mwana uyu ndewangu chaizvo here or not.

“When she said, it’s my child, I was looking after the child but ndikanzi haasi wangu ndoitawo sei boss, handitumire kana cent kana kubvunza nezvazvo,” he said.

Mlambo added:

“Mwana uyu ndakanzi haasi wangu, saka why would she bring the child to me?

“She just left the child with my mother.

“I have not been looking after the child. Why would I take responsibility kana asiri wangu so we need to prove it through DNA.

“Let’s go for DNA and kana ari wangu tochengeta zvese zvaakutaura baba dzatova ngano. We want to avoid confusion and the truth is the only thing I want.”

Contacted for comment, Samata said:

“What are you talking about? I have my kid with me.

“Why is he after tarnishing my image? Last time you wrote your story and I never said anything.

“Have you assessed his sanity munhu iyeye? He is not even taking care of the child.”

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