Man dies @ small house

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Man dies @ small house


4 October 2018

A bus driver died while reportedly having quality time at his girlfriend’s house in Stoneridge in the capital on Tuesday morning.

Bonginkosi Machacha, who was a bus driver with Inter Africa, made his last breath whilst he was at the house of his girlfriend, Nomatter Matsanura.

The corpse spent 10 hours in Nomatter’s house before it was taken to the mortuary.

When H-Metro arrived at the scene, there were different versions of what led to Bonginkosi’s death with some claiming he died while intimate with Nomatter and others suggested that he was ill.

Bonginkosi’s nephew, Joshua Dube said he suspects his uncle could have died from an asthma attack.

“I am aware that there are people who are saying my uncle died whilst having sex but I don’t think it’s true because he was an asthma patient.

“Asthma is a hereditary in our family and his assistant whom he was working with last night also informed us that he had been struggling with breathing before he came here.

“This was my first time to see Nomatter but I have heard of rumours before about their affair.

“The funeral will be held in Lower Gweru where my uncle resides and, as a family, we are hurt. How he (Bonginkosi) has passed away is painful,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nomatter’s close friends and colleagues at Mbare Musika where she works as a vendor claimed that they received calls from her informing them that Bonginkosi died whilst they were having sex.

“Nomatter was in panic mode when she realised that her boyfriend had died so she contacted most of us here telling us that he died whilst they were making love.

“This was also proved to be true because when we came here, the deceased was naked and one of the neighbours later came and dressed the corpse.

“Nomatter and the bus driver met at Mbare Musika where she (Nomatter) is a vendor and they have been dating for six months now, their relationship was not a secret.

“This is not the first man who has died at her house; there was another man who died years back in her toilet and this has also raised a lot of suspicion because of the mysterious death,” said the source.

Inter Africa bus appropriator Leonard Mukumba said Bonginkosi’s death was unfortunate.

“We are aware of his death and it is very unfortunate but there is the human resources department that is handling the matter and I am not well versed with what really transpired,” he said.

Nomatter Matsanura

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