Man drags mother-in-law to court over US$850 debt

Faith Mandizha

A ROW over a US$850 debt has split a family with a man dragging his mother-in-law to the Civil Court demanding her to pay him back the loan he gave her three years ago.

Tian Fortune told the court that his mother-in-law, Tsitsi Chatakura, was refusing to pay him back the money she borrowed from him to build her house.

“I lent her US$850 for house construction through her daughter and now she is refusing to pay me back even though we had a family meeting to discuss the payment plan.

“I just don’t have enough evidence, we didn’t sign an agreement form but I have call recordings,” he said.

Tsitsi denied the allegations saying she never borrowed any money from Tian.

Instead, she said she was the one who has been taking care of Tian since 2020 when he was involved in an accident.

“I never received a cent from him, I was the one who took care of him after he was involved in a serious accident and he couldn’t do anything on his own.

“He should show me where I signed for a loan or bring witnesses who saw him giving me the money he claims,” she said.

The matter was dismissed by magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu, who advised Tian to first gather his evidence before returning to court.

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