Man dumped by own relatives

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Man dumped by own relatives


15 May 2018


…He used to beat up his mother


SOME people who have seen Edward Sithole at Marlborough Civic Centre think he was dumped by his family with the way he looked the first day they saw him.

The homeless man is now a common sight there and residents spoke to H-Metro about the rumours they have heard about how he got into his situation.

“I know him, he is Mr Mlambo and some of his sisters are in Australia and some in Switzerland. I am very surprised that he is here now because he used to stay in Southerton,” said a woman who was passing by.

“He is an ex-soldier, he used to beat up his mother when she was still alive demanding money which was coming from the tenants.

“Their mother left a very big house in their sister’s name so that is why he was evicted.

“Pavakabva kuhondo he only stayed for a year then he became paralysed but he gets his pension. Even if you search him right now you can see him with money, I know him very well.

“Pese painaya mvura vaingonaiwa vari panze because they were evicted last year so I think with the way they treated his mother the sister is now punishing them by evicting them from the house.

“He was once taken to a Home but then the sister called and told them to release him so that is when we realised she is punishing him.”

Another man who was sitting close to where Edward is now staying said he thinks his relatives dumped him.

“This man was dumped because no one saw him when he arrived, we just saw him in the morning and he was well dressed even his skin you could tell that he was coming from a proper home,” he said.

“I once talked to him when I wanted to take him to a social welfare and I informed the police but later stopped when I realised the cost is too much because the police told me that I am the one who will do all the process without their help.

“I am very worried about him because now it is very cold and it will soon get worse; he might die akarara ipapo. I think he is enjoying it here because people are giving him food, beer and cigarettes that he asks for.

“There is this one lady Pastor Sauramba who owns a canteen at the shops who has been providing for this man since he came.

“I saw him about three weeks ago and I asked him kuti sekuru why are you alone at this time and he said tiri kumboona ona. He was neatly dressed so I thought maybe someone just left him for some minutes but I was surprised when I saw him again the following day,” she said.

“I asked him again why he was still there where I left him and he said I am waiting for my title deeds from God and that is when I realised that something was wrong.

“I gave him a blanket and since that day I am giving him food two or three times a day. I am very worried because it is very cold during the night so something might happen to him.”

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