Man dumps snake @ police station

07 Jan, 2019 - 13:01 0 Views


7 Januaey 2019

Yvonne Takawira

There was chaos at Esigodini Police Station when a man reportedly went to the station in a bid to dumb a snake there.

The man, who was barefoot and wearing worn out clothes, was recorded holding the snake which he purportedly wanted to dump at the police station.

In a 16-second video clip circulating on social media, people at the police station could be heard screaming and telling the man not to leave the snake at the station as it would be difficult to catch.

It is alleged that the man, who could not be identified, wanted to dumb his snake because he had run out of food for his ‘pet’.

Some of the people who commented on the video questioned how the man was feeding the snake and what had eventually happened to the supplies.

“I wonder what was he feeding it achifamba bare foot,” (I wonder what he was feeding it when he is walking bare footed) read one of the comments.

“What is it fed with before we go any further?” asked another curios viewer.

It is however unclear whether or not the man was successful in carrying out his mission.

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