Man evicts wife to make way for lover

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Man evicts wife to make way for lover


12 March 2019

A Harare man has chased his wife out of their matrimonial home to accommodate a second wife.

Munyaradzi Masere is said to have told his wife Esnat Kandawasvika that he was no longer interested in her and ordered her to occupy their backyard cottage.

Kandawasvika was applying for a protection order against Masere citing verbal and physical abuse.

“Our main house has nine rooms but he chased me out to live in a cottage with my four children.

“We have been together for about 20 years but he chose to take another wife and to occupy my main house.

“I want to go back to my main house because I have also contributed to that house through vending,” said Kandawasvika.

She added:

“He assaults me whenever I try to plant vegetables for our survival as he is not taking care of us.

Ndinobatwa sembwa, he chased me out of the main house without even a spoon and his wife is now enjoying the comfort of my home.”

Masere denied the allegations.

“She is the one who assaulted me and her son that is why I told them to stay in a cabin.

“For the past years she was living at our rural home and came back last year with our child who is mentally challenged and her relatives are accusing me of using our son for juju.

“She is lying and I am taking good care of them and have receipts showing that I have paid school fees, buying groceries and medication for our mentally challenged son,” he said.

Presiding Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Kandawasvika’s favour.

Masere was ordered to give Kandawasvika access to the main house.

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