Man kills father in-law over US$30

Arron Nyamayaro 

A MAN travelled from Harare to Goromonzi on Tuesday to bash his father in-law, who died following the vicious assault, over US$30.

Soul Mubau, 29, confronted his father in-law, David Takundwa, 64, of Chinyika Village in Goromonzi, demanding the money he paid after separating with his wife Sibongile Takundwa.

The couple had been together for seven years.

Soul paid US$30 three weeks ago, after parting ways with Sibongile last year, but when he learnt she got married to another man, things changed.

He then assaulted David with an iron bar and broke one his hands before fleeing the scene.

He sought refuge at one of his brothers’ house at Stoneridge in Harare where he was arrested yesterday.

SOME of the mourners at David’s funeral

David died on his way to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Narrating the incident, David’s employee, only identified as Talent, told H-Metro that Soul found David relaxing at his home.


“I want to believe that he came prepared to kill because when he arrived he was quick to dismiss everyone at the house,” said Talent.

“After greeting him, he ordered me to return to the tuckshop and asked the kids to accompany me there.

“Sekuru vakamonyororwa mutsipa, vakatyorwa ruwoko, akavaponda nesimbi zvekusara muviri wose ravaropa.

“He left and sekuru cried for help vachiti ndafa, Talent huya kuno.

“I rushed there and saw him in a pool of blood and Soul was nowhere to be seen.”

He added:

“Soul has been coming here and Sekuru would cook food for him.

“I last heard him asking Sekuru about Sibongile’s whereabouts and uncle was not happy with it.

“He warned him about visiting to ask about Sibongile and I want to believe that it angered him and decided to be violent.”

Sibongile told H-Metro that she ran away from Soul after he became abusive.

“Soul’s evil heart has robbed me of my father,” said Sibongile.

“I decided to leave him because he was too abusive and would attack people and I started to fear for my life.

“I got married to another man, this where I am coming from to attend the funeral,” said Sibongile.

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