Man locks son in car, goes on a drinking spree

Faith Mandizha

A KUWADZANA claims her former husband keeps locking their son in a car before going on drinking sprees.

Hazvinei Tavedzera told the Harare Civil court that her ex-husband Whitmore Dube has turned their life into hell.

Her nice-year-old son, she claimed, was also being routinely abused and has been kidnapped by Whitmore on a number of occasions.

Hazvinei’s application for a peace order was granted by magistrate Sharon Mashavira.

Whitmore did not attend the hearing.

She submitted evidence of abuse, which included text messages and audios sent by Whitmore, threatening to take custody of their son.

“He is no longer my husband but he pops up at my house unannounced and takes away our son knowing that he is under my supervision.

“He goes to the bar and locks our son in the car for hours and when I ask him he insults me threatening to kill me,” she said.

Magistrate Mashavira also gave Hazvinei temporary custody of the son.

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