Arron Nyamayaro

A MAN has lost his wife to a relative soon after paying lobola.

King Gumbira, 23, of Guruve, took his wife Memory Makomo for blood tests, soon after paying lobola, and learnt that she was already pregnant.

Her uncle Jaifi Kafarawo, who is in his 30s, was reported to be the one responsible for the pregnancy.

Jaifi then abandoned his family, took Memory and left Guruve for Mt Darwin, where they sought refuge following the umasking of their affair.

King told H-Metro that his in-laws refunded part of his lobola after Memory disclosed her adulterous relationship with her uncle.

“I am yet to recover from the pain that I suffered,” said King.

“If I had bedded her before paying lobola, I could have been given a pregnant wife.

“She never disclosed to me that she was dating another man besides disclosing that she was once raped by one of her sister’s husbands.

“Kwandiri ndakangoti haisimhosva yako ndinongokuda wakadaro.

“I didn’t know that she was dating her mother’s brother.”

He added:

“Her parents accepted my lobola and Memory disappeared from home soon after lobola.

“She went to Mt Darwin during the night with her uncle and they were tracked until Memory was forced back home.

“After she disclosed about the one who was responsible of her pregnancy, the family refunded part of my money.

“Refunding of lobola is not enough considering the pain I suffered, the time I wasted as well as the trust I had given to Memory.”

Uncle Jaifi is yet to return to his family.

A source disclosed that Memory is 15.

King said she told him she was 17.

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