Man, nephew fight over stand

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Man, nephew fight over stand


3 January 2019

A CALEDONIA man hauled his nephew to court appealing for an eviction order following a clash over a residential stand.

Forward Matambo also accused his nephew Nyasha Muriwo of physical abuse.

“Since I was working in Greencroft in 2005, I requested for my nephew to come and stay at one of my residential stands.

“When he moved into the house, he used to occupy only two rooms but later he requested for more space, that’s when he stated paying rentals.

“Recently, I got the rumor that he claims to own the place and that’s when I decided to confront him over the matter.

“Your worship last year in August he was in police custody after beating me up.

“I request that he must be evicted from the place before matters get out of hand,” he said.

In his defence, Muriwo told the court that he had evidence to prove that he was the rightful owner of the residential stand.

“Your worship my uncle sold his two stands to me and my brother.

“Last year he visited my brother’s place and destroyed his house with the same allegations that he was claiming ownership of his stand.

“Your worship I agree that I beat him because I had the assumption that he wanted to destroy my house like he did with my brother’s.

“In addition he was the one who offered us the stands in the first place,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo dismissed Matambo’s application on the basis that the domestic violence court can’t grant an eviction order.

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