Man offers $15 per child

03 Apr, 2019 - 14:04 0 Views
Man offers $15 per child


Tinotenda Chatikobo, Court Reporter

A HARARE man has told the court that he can afford to pay $15 per child for his three children.

This came to light when Miriam Mlambo dragged her ex-husband Prince Manami to Harare Civil Court claiming $200 maintenance for the upkeep of their three children.

Miriam told the court said her ex insulted her when she went with the summons to his place.

“I want $200 maintenance for the upkeep of our children.

“When I went to his place with summons he insulted me and harassed me uttering bad words.

“Prince is an irresponsible father; he doesn’t care about the children’s welfare and he is not paying his children’s school fees.

“He is a businessman who buys and sells motor spares earning about $150 per week but doesn’t spare a single cent for his children,” said Miriam.

Prince said he could not afford the amount adding that he was working for someone.

“My business is now broke and I am working for someone so I am not able to offer $200 maintenance.

“What I can only offer for now is $15 per child.”

Magistrate Sheila Nazombe who presided over the matter ordered Prince to pay $100 with effect from end of April.

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