Man on the run after killing lover

Latwell Nyangu

A Marondera family has been left tongue tied after their relative was murdered by her boyfriend who is now on the run one week after the lovers attended a party together.

He was even showering her with love and praising her undying love to him.

The deceased Sharon

The man Echfell Musaida Gora, 26, is now on the run after he killed before locking his girlfriend Sharon Mushowo inside the house.

The incident which occurred on November 18 around 5am has left family and Marondera residents shocked.

In happier times

Prior to the incident, Echfell attended a party with his now deceased girlfriend where he was showing some love to her.

Police also confirmed the incident.

“Police in Marondera are appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Gora Musaida Echfell (26) who is being sought in connection with a murder case in which he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend, Sharon Mushowo (29) at the back of the head with a knife at a house in Nyameni, Marondera on November 18 around 5 am.

“Resultantly, the victim died. The suspect locked the victim in the house before he fled the scene. Anyone with information to report at any nearest Police station.”

However, the deceased’s sister Gracious is at loss of words.

“When we saw the body, it shows she was beaten first before being stabbed on her back.

“The knife was left there.

“The previous weekend we were at Matsitsiru Resort tese but he was praising his girlfriend ndichinzi ninez I love her, she changed my life tonetsana hedu torambana kakawanda todzokerana but I don’t know where all this came from.

“According to other tenants at their place, they said they would have some problems and she even took her property and went but she later came back,” she said.

The family is in pain.

“I am in pain, I am still hoping that I will wake up from my dreams, I last talked with her on Tuesday, tichitoseka.

“If I recall the way we enjoyed the weekend we had Sharon’s friend’s party and what has happened I will cry.

“Takaswera tese last Saturday iye neni neboyfriend kubirthday party kwatakaenda and vakazourayana during the week iyoyo yatabva.”

Another close relative said:

 “She moved on after her husband died during the Covid-19.

“Since she was single she started dating this guy in Marondera where she was working.

“Vanga vasati varoorana but vaingofambidzana and neighbours said, they had a screaming sound before the man locked the door and disappeared.

“He disappeared in a rush like he was late.”

The relative said, they were surprised to the deceased posting the man’s picture on her status.

“We saw three days ago, mainini vakaisa profile picture yeboyfriend yavo and we even asked kuti havana kukurumidza here kuisa mapicture emumwe murume.

“But we later discovered that the man might have updated the profile picture as a way to cover up.

“He was now known kumba kwemusikana but we were surprised to see the profile picture and status.

“So people even called and talked to her but no one was responding on the day in question.

“We want justice to this case, we are appealing to anyone with information to assist for the arrest of this man.”

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