Man pleads for maintenance reduction

13 May, 2019 - 12:05 0 Views
Man pleads for maintenance reduction


Mediator Setoboli,Court Reporter

A HARARE man has dragged his former wife to court seeking a downward variation from $100 to $20.

Frank Mutisi told the court that he was no longer employed and could no longer afford paying $100 as maintenance for a child he sired with Chipo Dube.

“I want her to reduce her claim.

“I have been doing my best taking care of the child but now I’m no longer employed; things are hard and I can’t raise $100 every month.

“I can now afford to give her $20, since I have another family with three children,” said Mutisi.

Mutisi added that he had provided decent accommodation for his ex-wife and child.

“She is staying at my house and have been asking her to let out one of the rooms but she’s refusing.

“I want her to use the rentals towards the child’s upkeep.”

Dube did not accept the variation to $20.

“I can’t accept his offer because the three children he is talking about are not his.

“My child’s fees have gone up to $60 such that the $20 won’t be enough and to add on, his child requires food and uniforms.

“I also want to leave the child in someone’s care because I recently got a job as a security guard and I will be working from 8am to 8pm,” she said.

She also dismissed his suggestion to let out one of the rooms at their house.

“The house is ours and I don’t know where he expects me to put some of the property if a tenant is to move in,” said Chipo.

Presiding Magistrate Shella Nazombe postponed the matter to May 15 to allow the applicant to prove he has other children.

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