Man rapes woman in wife’s presence

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Man rapes woman in wife’s presence


Paul Pindani in Chinhoyi

A man from Doma has been jailed an effective 30 years for raping a fellow villager in the presence of his wife.

Norest Svova, of Plot 12 Tsvanza farm, appeared before Chinhoyi Regional Magistrate Noel Mupeiwa charged with two counts of rape.


He pleaded not guilty but was convicted after a full trial.


Five years of the 35-year sentence were suspended on condition of good behaviour so will serve an effective 30 years in jail.


Prosecuting, Nyasha Sibesha told the court that in July this year, the 29-year-old complainant was travelling from Doma shopping centre going to her home at Kismet farm, Mhangura, when she met Svova who was cutting grass in his farm.


He then accused her of trespassing.


Svova told the complainant that he was going to punish her for that.


He then assaulted her using a stick several times as a way of punishment.


The court heard that after harassing and assaulting her, he went on to trip her and then raped her.


The complainant was then ordered to leave the place.


She went home and narrated her ordeal to her husband who then accompanied her to the police to make a report.


On the second count, on August 23, at Roseta farm, the accused went to the complainant’s place in the company of his wife.


On arrival, he requested the complainant to enter into the bedroom.


She refused and ran away, court heard.


The accused reportedly followed her and got hold of her, grabbed her by the throat and pulled his knife.


The accused’s wife, court heard, took the knife but the accused took a wooden log and assaulted the complainant several times on the head.


Svova then dragged her into the kitchen where he raped her.


After the act, the accused and his wife poured cold water over her since she was bleeding and they went away.


Complainant went to her neighbour and told her what had happened.


The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of Svova.

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