Man secretly takes children for DNA tests

22 Jan, 2020 - 15:01 0 Views
Man secretly takes children for DNA tests


Motrish Gundumura

A HARARE woman is at odds with her husband, who secretly took their children for DNA tests.

Pergy Chikore opened up at the Harare Civil Court where she applied for a protection order against her husband Tirinarwo Manyanga citing physical and verbal abuse.

Chikore and Manyanga have been fighting after the husband took the children for DNA tests without his wife’s consent.

“We started fighting after Manyanga went with my children for the DNA testing after he suspected me of cheating him with another man,” said Chikore.

She said her husband was also in the habit of insulting her in front of their children using obscenities.

“He shouts at me in front of my children telling them I am a prostitute and he is not their father.

“He even insult my first born every day.

“Manyanga abuses me every day taking advantage that he bribes the police and he cannot be sued for that.

“I reported him several times and nothing happened to him as he gives the police money and sometimes he even went to report first because he will be using a car and by the time I reached to the police station it was too late,”said Chikore.

Chikore said she is now having some serious health problems as she is abused every day.

“Am now having a back ache and am now shaking every day,” she said.

In response Manyanga denied the allegations.

“I love my children and I never went for a DNA tests,” said Manyanga.

Magistrate Tildah Mazhandi granted the protection order in Chikore’s favour urging the two to maintain peace at each other.

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