Man seeks funds for bone marrow transplant

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Man seeks funds for bone marrow transplant Victor Kadzura


Chioniso Mashakada, H-Metro Reporter

A 26-year-old Harare man Harare is appealing for financial assistance to undergo a surgery for Aplastic Anaemia which needs a bone marrow transplant in India.

Victor Kadzura, who holds a degree in Business Management, is in need of about US$50 000 for his medical expenses.

He was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, a rare blood condition which affect the bone marrow in January this year.

Kadzura said he started exhibiting fatigue at work that prompted him to visit several doctors before he was diagnosed with the rare disease.

“In 2019, I secured a job and I was confident that life would change for the better. However, I had to deal with another life altering moment.

“As I was preparing for my first day at work, I started exhibiting signs of fatigue.

“My mom insisted that I needed to visit the doctor.

“Upon visiting the doctor, he ran a number of tests. The tests indicated that my body did not have the expected amount of blood for an individual to function normally and get through the day.

“It is then that my cycle of doctor and hospital visits began.

“After visiting a number of doctors and specialists I was diagnosed with a rare blood condition known as Aplastic Anaemia”, he said.

According to medical experts, the condition occurs when the born marrow stops making enough stem cells which make blood.

It often leaves a person feeling fatigued, dizzy, short of breath and prone to infections.

Kadzura said since he has being diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, his health has  deteriorated and is in need of financial assistance from well-wishers since he now depends on his widowed mother,  Sheilate Uta.

Since being diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, Kadzura’s health has deteriorated but doctors prescribed a number of option for her.

“As a first treatment option, the doctor prescribed a drug known as Danazol which failed to work.

“The doctor gave me two other options, the first option is getting a Bone Marrow transplant which is 90-95 percent effective.

“Another option is getting Immunosuppressive Therapy which is 80-85 percent effective.

“The best option for me is to get a bone marrow transplant which is proven to be more effective in my condition.

“After consultations with doctors and specialists I have been recommended to India for the bone marrow transplant procedure. The quotation we were given for the transplant is US$50 000 I am currently not on any treatment; to get by, I have blood transfusion ever 2-3 weeks.

“This is costly as a pint of blood costs US$120.00 and I need four pints. This means I need US$480 after 2-3 weeks. My mom, brother and well-wishers have been assisting me to get the money for the blood transfusion.

“I am currently seeking for well-wishers to assist me in fundraising USD50 000.00 so that I can get the much-needed bone marrow transplant in India. Doctors have told me that I need the treatment if my life is to be saved. No-one could have told me that my life would turn out like this, but I truly believe that once I get the transplant, my life will change for better”.

“For Assistance you can kindly use the following details

Contact: _0777825753

Ecocash: 0775 215 250_ Victor Kadzura

Bank Account number: 300310032663

Bank: POSB

Account Holder: Sheilate Zvisinei Uta

Branch: Causeway.”

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